About Us

Six Dots creates bespoke furniture in North London, bringing uniqueness and joy to every home. Our whimsical and fun furniture and homeware are sustainable, artisan-made, and unlike anything else on the market. We offer a range of products and provide design and fabrication services for private clients, interior designers, and commercial spaces. Interested? Start a conversation with us. The image on the left shows the Six Dots workshop where we design, prototype, and manufacture all our products.

Our Mission

Exciting, design-led furniture has long been confined to galleries, reserved for the elite. At Six Dots, we aim to fill all homes with vibrant, unique work that reflects individual personalities and preferences. We strive to keep our prices fair for both consumers and makers.

Much of our work is made from aluminum. We chose this material for its versatility, blending well with both masculine and feminine aesthetics, taking on any color, and its durability indoors and outdoors.

The sustainability of aluminum is debated. Recycled aluminum production is as eco-friendly as timber, while freshly extracted aluminum has a higher CO2 footprint. Despite high demand, aluminum’s recyclability makes it a compelling choice. Material selection is crucial, and for us, it’s about context and lifecycle. Aluminum is beautiful, versatile, and recyclable, making it a strong choice despite no material being perfectly virtuous.

Everything we sell is made in our North London workshop. We are passionate about re-localizing production to foster a better dialogue between makers and buyers, ensuring sustainable and ethical production and helping consumers recognize the true value of their surroundings.

A Short History

Joseph Ellwood founded Six Dots in 2020, right after graduating from the University of Bath with a degree in architecture. During lockdown, Joe worked for a cabinet designer and maker, learning professional craftsmanship.

Through Instagram, he began receiving his own commissions. Pictured above is a giant white shelving unit from one of Six Dots' first projects. (Thank you, Janet and Malcolm).

In 2021, we showcased our work at Design London during the London Design Festival, bringing six chairs and an arcade claw machine. It was a valuable learning experience!

In September 2021, Joe started a master’s degree in architecture at the Royal College of Art, continuing to create commissioned work for Six Dots, mainly built-in furniture. During a study trip to Villa André Bloc, Joe was inspired by Bloc’s whimsical structures, realizing the joy in creating objects that satisfy the soul, not just solve problems.

With this new philosophy, Joe designed and launched Six Dots’ first full collection, 'Contemporary Vanity'. After a launch event and five shows, touring the collection on Joe’s VW Golf roof, Six Dots gained significant press features in publications like Sight Unseen and House and Garden, and was named one of Wallpaper Magazine’s December 2022 ‘Future Icons’ of design.

While still at university, Six Dots received fantastic commissions, including a suite of furniture for Shoreditch Arts Club. One of our tables from this project is pictured above.

In the summer of 2023, Six Dots was commissioned by H&M and Ikea to design and manufacture a series of cups and jugs, even visiting the Ikea Factory to learn about their production processes.

We also collaborated with Rimowa, designing a contemporary suitcase featured on Roger Federer’s Instagram story.

In January 2024, we participated in our first show at ‘Collectible’ in Belgium, where our Handcraft Spacecraft table was named a collectors’ pick. We also launched our retail-ready Handcraft Spacecraft collection, now sold worldwide through various retailers.